5k or 10k 

50% of race proceeds go to the Larry Pontbriant Athletic Safety Fund

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Plus, one random cash prize per race; we're putting some extra fun in your run!

Larry Pontbriant Athletic Safety Fund

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The Larry Pontbriant Athletic Safety Fund was formed shortly after Larry’s death from cardiac arrest in 2007.  The Fund’s purpose has been to promote awareness that Sudden Cardiac Arrest can occur without warning to anyone, anytime, anywhere, even to well-conditioned athletes.  The time-frame between onset of cardiac arrest and the beginning of brain damage due to lack of oxygen is measured in precious minutes.  Consequently, Larry’s Fund stresses the need for on-site AEDs and contributions to this fund are used to purchase on-site AEDs for schools and athletic fields and to encourage training in CPR and the use of AEDs.

This year we run to honor Larry as a hometown hero.